Co-working - the new normal

Convendum opened it’s first co-working space during 2016 in Stockholm. The company now has 16 offices and 4 co-living spaces. During 2019 it was time to open a new space in what is known as the Glass house in Stockholm and Senab has delivered all co-working stations.

Convendum has since the start had a growth rate of 100% per year. The company is now also establishing it’s first international office in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Convendum’s goal is to meet the new need for activity-based working methods by developing and establishing modern coworking spaces in the best business areas. The membership gives one access to all of Convendum’s locations and the possibility of collaboration with other member. Convendums coworking spaces are equipped with the latest technology and a high level of design and service. All surrounding services are included such as IT, coffee, breakfast and gym.

-We are part of the office revolution and the co-working trends continues to occupate more and more office spaces all over the world, says Håkan Jeppsson, CEO at Convendum.
-We expect to establish 30 co-working spaces in Sweden, and have now also started our expansion abroad starting in Spain. In the future, Germany will also follow in the form of Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, adds Håkan Jeppsson.

Senab and Edsbyn were from the beginning part of the project to develop a furniture concept that reflected Convendum’s vision together with vice President Jakob Schlyter.

Senab has delivered all co-wokring stations to Convendum through Edsbyn. The furniture is custom-made, created to Convedum and their concept.
In parallel with the project, Senab also establishes a warehouse to serve Convendum’s units in Stockholm. When tenants want to switch to individual workplaces or make changes with co-working tables, they can do so quickly and efficiently as the products are stored in Stockholm.

In 2020, Convendum will launch two new products. Big Office, an office solution with full service for larger companies from 50 people upwards. In addition, Coliving, which is fully equipped corporate housing in central locations for companies that want to offer their employees apartments in premium class.
-Our new products complement Coworking and give the larger companies access to solutions for both offices and housing based on the flexibility, premium and all-inclusive concept,” says Håkan Jeppsson.

The collaboration between Senab and Convendum has worked very well during the project with Convendum's new Coworking Space in the Glass house at Slussen. A large project of over 5000 sqm where project manager Peter Klarqvist from Senab has been very supportive from start to finish.

During January and February we will open two new Coworking Spaces on Gävlegatan 16 and Fleminggatan 18 (the Trygg-hansa house) in Stockholm. In these Coworking Spaces it will also be possible to rent a Big Office which is a new part of our concept. In addition, we will also open a Big Office in Sundbyberg in March 2020. Three very exciting projects that Convendum and Senab are working on.

- Jakob Schlyter, vice President/COO