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A workplace for our children and young people, ie the school environment, places ever higher demands on how it should be designed. More people in a smaller area where sound, light and ergonomics are in focus. Environments that are adapted to the curriculum and environmental regulations must be flexible and easy to maintain. Rooms that create the right conditions for learning simply! It is precisely the curriculum and its objectives, the property and its school students as well as teachers that form the basis for how we together design the solution.

Regardless of the area in the public sector (health, care, the judiciary, the armed forces, collective and education), we always start from the above approach to create the best solution for its working environment.

With our long experience in interior design for the public sector, we contribute with extensive knowledge in procurement, work environment rules, sustainability, design, interior design, material selection and special construction. Our insight into material development means that we can also contribute with new approaches when it comes to realizing the goal.

Product and price inquiries

In our offer, we have over 1000 different suppliers and several different brands. For the public sector, there is a specific selection of products that are certified according to certain standards to achieve set requirements in public procurement. If you want to know more about our range and its prices or our unique concept - Senab Workplace, email to:

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