Retail & Showroom, Concept

In Retail & Showroom, the interior experience contributes to realizing the brand and its vision. Properly designed interior design solutions contribute to the customer experience and strengthen your brand.

It is your company's brand with your vision and its target group that is the starting point for our work. We contribute with extensive knowledge of design, interior design, choice of materials and special construction that creates complete solutions for car halls, shops, showrooms and more. Our insight into materials and product development means that we can also contribute with new perspectives when it comes to realizing the vision.

Locally, nationally and globally
Is your company here in Sweden, in the Nordics, in Europe or all over the world? We have experience from large global rollouts and deliveries to over 80 different countries. We coordinate to all levels in your organization and coordinate deliveries. We can deliver languageless instructions that work in a global market. Our global presence also gives us the opportunity to ensure that the concept is followed in the various countries.

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