Lease an office pod

Create spaces for meetings and undisturbed calls

Are your meeting rooms always fully booked? Do you need space to be able to speak undisturbed? We have an effective solution - rent an office pod!

Our workplaces are constantly changing with new challenges and needs, not least when it comes to interior design. Maybe you have grown strongly and need new workspaces in your current premises, lack meeting rooms, no quiet workplaces or a place to make phone calls.

Senab offers complete office pods adapted to your needs that give you flexibility over time.

Renting an office pod suits both large and small organizations. From those who need to complement the office with a telephone booth or to create several hundred new meeting rooms.

Of course, the pods can be rented in the same simple way as all furniture from Senab:

  • Easy to budget

  • Retain liquidity

  • 100% deductible 

  • No building permit required

The pods are assembled in just a few hours, without disruption to normal operations. They have their own air system and meet the sound requirements for important meetings. The room is movable when needed, and can be taken with you if the organization changes to another room.


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