Custom made solutions

Unique solutions for unique organizations.

Sustainable carpentry based on your needs

Your vision and brand are unique. There is no reason why your interior should not be. With over 40 years of experience, we have a long history of custom manufacturing customized solutions for companies in business, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and retail. Our insight into material development means that we can also contribute with new perspectives when it comes to realizing the vision.

In the design process, our designers and designers are based on your needs and goals.

Sustainability is not just part of our history, it is a movement forward. Therefore, our ambition is to work with selected special carpentry companies that produce solutions that both benefit your business and are gentle on the environment. As well as the fact that our solutions also comply with the statutory directives from the EU.

In some cases, these products are more comprehensive and require larger logistics coordinations. Together with Senab's experienced fitters, we ensure that everything is done in a safe way.