A process to ensure budget and quality.

We simplify your procurement process

A procurement contains many different elements, such as a request for quotation, order handling, delivery security and coordination of orders.

As a customer of Senab, you have a dedicated team consisting of a contact person / seller, buyer, project coordinator, and fitters who guarantee a good result that matches budget and needs.

For us, environmental and sustainability issues are a matter of course, which is also a central part of our work on procurement. We are very positive that more customers are placing ever higher demands on the issues that lead the entire industry in the right direction. Our criteria include that the supplier offers environmentally conscious methods for reuse and renovation of current and new furniture.

We at Senab strive to be at the forefront of procurement in the public environment, where we place high demands on products, services and suppliers. All to guarantee you as customers a high-quality and clear process.