Project management

Our competent and experienced project managers guide you through the project.

Coordination, monitoring & implementation ensures the project's goals

When establishing, relocating or refurbishing existing premises, it is a great advantage to hire one of our experienced project managers. They ensure that the vision, budget and goal fulfillment regarding the project have all the components in the planning and implementation phase such as;

- Preliminary study (analysis of needs, requirements specific, local search, overall budget planning)
- Design (CAD drawings, room descriptions, time planning etc.)
- Production (support at, for example, construction meetings, quotes, ordering the interior, etc.)
- Operation (coordination of deliveries, logistics planning during moving in, inspections etc.)

As our project managers have experience from many different industries, professional groups and national borders, the person can effectively understand the project, understand your needs at the same time as he can propose proven solutions.

We operate in the following business areas:
Office & Business, Interior
Hotel & Restaurant, Hospitality