Terms and conditions

Senab AB provides sales of interior design and interior design services to companies (legal entities) authorities and private individuals. According to these terms, delivery takes place only within Sweden's borders.

Ordering can be done via our e-commerce, email and telephone. These general terms of purchase and delivery apply when ordering from Senab AB via our e-commerce, telephone and email and the agreement enters into force when you receive an order confirmation from us. It will be sent to your registered email address. Sales that have taken place in other ways (projects, agreements, etc.) are regulated by specific agreements.

Orders that contain supplementary information and / or requests for a new credit limit, etc. take longer to process. In cases where the order is placed weekdays after kl. 16:00 and / or public holidays, the order is not processed until the next weekday.
Ordered products remain the property of Senab AB until they are fully paid for. Senab AB reserves the right to final sale and reserves the right to list or cancel orders for goods that are out of stock.
We only enter into agreements with adults and with legal entities.
We reserve the right to make printing errors. For printing technical reasons, color deviations may occur.

Box 7164
103 88 Stockholm

Organization number: 556299-1447

1. Prices and payment methods

Prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) excluding VAT. In e-commerce, it is easy to adjust prices to including VAT. For promotions, the prices of the selected product / products or services apply during the current promotion period.

After receiving and confirming the order, the price can only be changed due to circumstances that we do not have control over (eg increased taxes, currency changes, etc.) and in the event of obvious inaccuracies in the stated price.

1.1 Invoice

We offer invoices as a method of payment to legal entities (such as companies, authorities and organizations). The invoice is sent separately from the shipment to the registered invoice address and must be paid within 30 days. In the event of an overdue invoice, a default interest rate will be charged, which corresponds to the reference interest rate applicable at any given time with a supplement of 12.00% units. Reminder fee is charged SEK 60, collection fee SEK 180.

When applying for an invoice, a customary credit report is made. This may involve a claim for advance payment.

We care about the environment and are happy to see that our customers receive the invoice via e-mail. Email our kundservice@senab.com your email address for invoices.

1.2 Card payment

We offer card payment via our e-commerce, VISA or Mastercard. When you place your order, you will have to enter your card details, including your CVC code. The transaction is handled by Nets By Netaxept. www.senab.com meets the requirements of PCI DSS and 3D secure. Senab does not have access to your card information and can then not store it either. Only Swedish cards are accepted.

1.3 Advance invoice

The advance invoice payment method is handled by our Customer Service. Contact them and they will provide the information needed to make the payment.

2. Delivery information and shipping cost

We deliver to you within 5-7 working days on stocked products after received and confirmed order. Delivery takes place on weekdays at 07: 00-17: 00 and can only be done to the physical address, not to box addresses.

Your order confirmation contains information about the date the delivery will be delivered from our central warehouse in Tibro. We apply Incoterms 2010, our shipping terms follow "Delivered at place (DAP)" INCOTERMS_2010.PDF.

In cases where you as a corporate customer have your own transport company / agreement, the delivery condition FCA (Free Carrier) is delivered to the buyer's carrier at our warehouse. We book the transport with the desired transport company on your customer number and you are responsible for transport insurance and transport regulation. this mode of transport, you state this in the check-out under "Goods marking" or that you contact us by phone.

The shipping cost is based on your order value. The lowest cost is SEK 125 excluding VAT, after that the cost is 14% of the order value, orders over SEK 15,000 are delivered free of charge.

2.1 Delays and / or obstacles at the time of delivery

Should there be any obstacles or delays for you as a customer that affect Senab's ability to fulfill its obligation, regarding the delivery of the order, it will go back to the carrier. They will contact you for a new delivery. This means that Senab will charge you as a customer a new delivery fee of at least SEK 295.

Delivery that could not be delivered to the specified delivery address is returned to Senab's central warehouse. In connection with the delivery going back, the return shipping is also charged.

2.2 Delivery

When the delivery of your order leaves our central warehouse in Tibro, you will receive a delivery note to your registered email address. In the delivery note, you will find information about your delivery and its shipment number so that you can easily track the delivery. Deliveries take place only within Sweden's borders

Our delivery methods vary depending on the size (volume & weight) of the goods. As we care about the environment, we reserve the right to choose the way that best suits your order.

2.3 Parcels and small consignments

Packages are delivered to the specified delivery address inside the company's door / gate / to the specified floor, to the reception or functioning goods reception.

2.31 Pallet / Heavier and larger goods

Delivery takes place to the registered address, street level, weekdays between 07: 00-17: 00 No notification takes place before *. If no one is on site who can receive the delivery, the carrier will contact you to book a new delivery. In the event of a new delivery, Senab has the right to charge you for costs incurred.

* see additional services, telephone notification

2.4 Transport damage & error handling

Company / legal entity. In the event of visible damage to the packaging at the time of delivery, this must be stated to the driver and on the consignment note before the shipment is acknowledged. In order for the complaint against the transport company to be handled correctly, you must save the packaging, the address label and any pallet that came with the shipping-damaged consignment.

If the product has been damaged during transport, ie hidden damage, it should be reported immediately to our customer service, but no later than within 5 days after receipt of the shipment. When we report, we need a picture of the damage to both the packaging and the product. We will arrange a new delivery free of charge for you as a customer so that you get a faultless product.

Private person / consumer: If the product is shipping damage at the time of delivery, we ask you to report it immediately to our Customer Service. In order for us to be able to report the transport damage to the carrier within 1-5 days. We are therefore grateful if you report the damage within this time.

We will arrange a new delivery free of charge for you as a customer so that you get a faultless item.

If the shipping damage is visible on the outer packaging, it is important that you state this to the driver and on the shipping note before you acknowledge the shipment. In order for our complaint against the carrier to be handled correctly, you must save the packaging, the address label and any pallet that arrived in the shipping-damaged consignment.

3. Force Majeure

Senab is not responsible for circumstances beyond its control such as; In case of damage or delay due to legal action, government action, mobilization, war event, pandemic, seizure, currency restriction, system failure, errors or restrictions in deliveries from subcontractors, strike, lockout, boycott, blockade that either prevents the delivery of the delivery to such an extent that it does not can take place at anything other than at an abnormally high cost, Senab is not responsible for this.

4. Additional services

4.1 Time-specified unloading

Time-specified unloading can in some cases be purchased as an additional service. This means that you as a customer can book the exact time when the delivery is to take place +/- 30 minutes. The driver will not contact you in connection with delivery if you have ordered this service. Contact customer service for more information and price information.

4.2 Carrying in

When the delivery takes place, it will be delivered to street level. If desired, the delivery can be delivered to the specified location. We recommend this service for orders that contain larger, heavier products or for multi-storey buildings. Contact our customer service for price information and booking. It is also possible to request price information via our e-commerce in connection with purchases.

4.21 Assembly of products

We offer assembly of products in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. You simply request price information in connection with your order in our e-commerce or you can contact our customer service.

5. Right of withdrawal / open purchase 14 days

As a customer of Senab, you have 14 days to cancel your purchase with us, notify us within 14 days of receiving delivery by contacting our customer service or filling in the cancellation form that you email our customer service, see detailed description under Return information

5.1 The right of withdrawal does not apply to certain products

Products that are not included in our standard range, ie products that are specially ordered for your specific needs (size, color, type of product, etc.) are not included in the right of withdrawal. Nor products that due to procurement cannot be returned or that quickly deteriorate or become old.

You have the right to open the packaging and examine the product to the extent required to assess whether you are satisfied with it. If you choose to cancel your purchase and return the product, it must be in substantially unchanged condition. If the product has been examined more than is considered sufficient and / or that the product is damaged, we have the right to make a reduction in value of up to 100%. All possible accessories, instruction books, etc. must be included in the return. Remember that you are responsible for the return of the product to us, remember to pack the product well. The original packaging is always the best protection. If you regret your order or parts of it and wish to return. see returns.

A tip for larger orders

For larger orders, several of the same product, contact our customer service and we will help you.

6. Return information

If you wish to return due to that you have regretted your order, contact our customer service to announce that you intend to make a return and to have a return shipping note sent out within 14 days of receipt of delivery.

Additional instructions on how to proceed are included in the letter in the return shipping note. You can also fill in our remorse form which you can find here. You as a customer are responsible for the return shipping and for everyone's flexibility, we send out a return shipping note to you, which we then regulate the cost of when refunding the item value. If you want to use your own return agreement, it is also fine.

When you make your return, keep in mind that you bear the risk of the product being damaged when it is shipped back to us, so make sure that the product is well packaged in its original packaging. When returning, we recommend that you use a transport packaging in order to provide extra protection for the product. The product must be complete, which means that all accessories, instructions for use, etc. must be included in the return

Return address:

Senab AB
Stigstaholmsvägen 41
543 34 Tibro

7. Warranty & Complaint

Senab's goal is for you to feel safe with your product choices with us. We offer you at least a 2-year guarantee on all products from our range. In the range, we have products where the manufacturer provides a longer warranty up to 30 years more specifically, of course we offer the same conditions. The warranty applies to malfunctions and manufacturing defects that occur during the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to defects that occur during normal wear or after your own change in the product's function and appearance.

When it comes to consumables such as whiteboard pens, we follow the manufacturer's warranty, which is usually shorter than 1 year.

As a consumer, you also have a statutory right to make a complaint for 3 years regarding original manufacturing defects. Read more about your right to make a complaint at

At the time you need to complain about a product, you do it most easily by contacting our customer service as soon as possible or preferably within two months of you discovering the defect in the product. Senab will examine the product and determine if the defect is covered by the warranty. If this is the case, Senab will primarily repair the defective product, secondarily replace the product with an equivalent product and ultimately cancel the purchase. The costs that arise on such an occasion are borne by Senab.